Concrete flooring catalogue

Recently, Shazzam Studios have been working on images for a flooring catalogue.  It has been a great opportunity to create exciting new images. The client has had the flexibly to decide exactly what they want in each image without having to source appropriate locations with their flooring options installed and without the cost of hiring designer furniture and a photographer.

Below is an example of a bathroom shot for the client. They wanted to show the polished concrete floor in a bathroom setting and another of their product, an aggregate mix, is applied to the feature wall by the sinks. With the careful selection of bathroom fittings and lighting we were able to showcase the client’s flooring in a modern and luxurious setting.

Below is an example of an alfresco area. The client’s aggregate mix flooring is applied to the floor of the outdoor alfresco and pool area. The client was able to choose the layout of the house, pool and garden and even choose the furniture and colours used in the scene.

The example below is of a kitchen. The polished aggregate flooring is applied to a modern kitchen setting.

We also created various close up shots to show the product in more detail.

In total we have created about 15 images for the catalogue so far with more to come.


Check back soon for more updates

Cameron Tyler